Looking back at the past half year


It is time to say goodbye to our French volunteer Lewa Sellier. We were  happy to share our days with opened, supportive and well tuned person. What is her oppinion about last months in our kindergarten? 

Every day, I have the tasks of making fire in the yourt, bringing water, washing dishes and helping if someone needs something. Sometimes we have some activities outdoors like going to museum, cave or senior centrum and celebrate some czech tradition. It's very nice because it changes from the routine and you learn more about czech culture. During autumn and spring we also have gardening time to make kindergarten more pleasant, it's one of my favourite activity.

Being in the forest everyday is so cool.The contact with nature and children is the best.

Pedagogist are very supportive and interested, we can practise English together when it's possible.

I wasn't prepared to have this much free time. It's good at the beginning when you want to travel or do everything you want. But at some point sometimes it's too much. Being so far from relatives and everything you know and having a lot of time to think about it can be very tough.

However, I absolutely don't regret doing this volunteering project because I love this place and the people that I met. I learnt a lot in English but also with children and how it feel to live in another country. So, for everything: Thank you ! 

Lewa Sellier