European solidarity corps 

Evropský sbor dobrovolníků

Volunteering in the Kudlibabka Forest Kindergarten

European Solidarity Corps, individual volunteeringCzech Republic, Blansko; 2023

We are happy to be a host organisation of the ESC programme.

There is a great european programme called ESC, which enable young people to spend one year in a foreign country, do useful job and have enough time and support to meet local people. 

Please read more about the ESC programme

Basics about ESC:

  • for volunteers in age 18 - 30 from the EU and partner countries

  • your costs are paid by the ESC programme (travel costs, accommodation, food, insurance, small personal allowance)

  • you do not need any particular education, most important is your motivation to engage

Let us introduce ourselves and our Forest Kindergarten...

Kudlibabka is a small non-governmental organisation with local impact. It was established by young parents. Kudlibabka means thistle ball - it touches you once and it stays with you.

We are interested in nature preservation, outdoor sports and education in touch with nature.

Our Forest Kindergarten has 2 "classes", in each of them max. 16 children and 2 teachers everyday. Children play outside in the garden and in the woods in any weather. For better understanding, please see this video from Danish Forest Kindergarten:


Our team consists of 8 teachers, the coordinator, ekonomist and personalist, who are technical support as well.

Why do we need volunteers?

Children in the forest kindergarten move in natural terrain, the forest class does not have walls. Therefore, children must learn the rules well (places in the forest where we are waiting etc.). The presence of a volunteer as another adult increases comfort, sense of security and well-being in kindergarten.

What does volunteer gain?

Staying with the kids in the woods is very inspiring. Volunteers can remember the richness of children's games. They can work with experienced teachers and learn the methods of experiential and forest pedagogy. Volunteers acquire or consolidate their knowledge of preschool pedagogy. We rely on a respectful approach to children. We are strongly motivated to teach children to experience and process their emotions, not to suppress them. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in education with volunteers.

Work of a volunteer:

  • cooperate with pedagogues on outdoor games,

  • cooperate on art workshops for children,

  • join children in natural terrain and support them in ordinary situations (to tie a shoelace, climb a hill etc.),

  • cooperate in preparation of a local music and art festival and festivities for families.

Part of the ESC in Kudlibabka is also a reflection on the learning of volunteers - volunteers will collect materials for their Youth pass, at working meetings with the teaching team and the coordinator will look back on their achievements and set their own learning goals. Volunteers use the kindergarten's office and PC for their reflective activities, preparation, writing articles or sharing their experiences on social networks.

Profile of a volunteer:

  • age 18 - 30

  • open-minded, responsible and fair person

  • likes to spend time with small children outdoors

  • knows at least basics of english

  • is willing to learn foreign languages


Volunteers are accommodated in a fully furnished apartment with one kitchen and one bathroom. Each volunteer has its own room. The apartment has a washing machine, WiFi, etc. and is located in Blansko.


Blansko is a small town with all kinds of shops, cinema, aquapark... It is 30 minuts by train or by bus to the Brno city center.

Blansko is surrounded by beautiful natural area of PLA Moravian Karst - forests, caves, rock climbing.


Our coordinating organisation is called Mladiinfo ČR and it´s office is in Brno. You have the opportunity to visit Mladiinfo ČR regulary and cooperate with ESC volunteers, who work in Brno.

You can read an article - personal experience of an ESC volunteer in our Coordinating Organisation.

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to

We will be very happy to answer all your questions and get to know you.

Contact persons:

Vladimíra Hanáčková (+420 730 588 437; languages: Czech, English, German)

Bára Kurajdová (languages: English, Spanish)