A peaceful place


Here, in Kudlibabka, everyday is different. 

We have the morning circle, time in the forest and some celebrations and new activities almost every week. Trying to understand what they say during the circle is my little morning game. There are also a lot of songs ( which, I admit, :) stay a bit in mind ) it helps to learn Czech words. Being outside everyday is something that I really like here. I love going in the forest with children because I can play like when I was a child, I am more tall and old, but it disappears when we construct a branch hut.

These are very precious moments. It's a place where you feel safe and welcomed. Pedagogists are very kind and interested so we can practice English together.

I learnt words from children and we try to understand each other without speaking. It's a good exercise. They are adorable and sweet.

I plan to visit the country and meet other volunteers, it's a very good travel experience.

Lewa Sellier